Baseball & T-Ball


Ivy Hill Saints T-Ball will begin practice on March 7th, 2020.

T-Ball players ages 4-7 years of age.

Baseball will be ages 8-10 years of age.

T-Ball General Rules:

Any situation not covered by these rules will be governed by the 2019 Official Regulations and Playing Rules Green Book issues by Little League International Inc.

  1. This is a NON-competitive league — there are no standings, zero tolerance for arguments with coaches and players.
  2. Five Swings per batter or until ball is hit in play.
  3. An at bat does not end on a foul ball. Batter continues to bat.
  4. T-Ball games will be limited to 1.5 hours or 3 innings.
  5. All infielders will be switched every inning
  6. Pitchers must wear helmets
  7. All out-fielders will play on the line between infield and outfield
  8. Batting order- The whole line-up bats every inning.
  9. No on-deck batters and no swinging bats in the dugout are permitted.
  10. If a runner is out, it is the discretion of the coaches to have them leave the base or stay on base.
  11. A batter cannot attempt to advance to second base.
  12. Outfield positions are permitted as follows: Left Field, Left Center, Center, Right Center, and Right Field
  13. Infield positions are permitted as follows: Third Base, Shortstop, Second Base, First Base and Catcher and two Pitching positions ( on each side of the mound )

Go to the Registration page to register your student/ athlete online. You can also pay through CashApp, check, or cash on the day of practice.

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